Friday, May 10, 2013

Fitness Friday

Time for a Fitness Friday recap!

Last week was a pretty good week, ended by a great run at the Oak Hall Run for St. Jude.  Here's my recap:
Monday:  30 minute resistance/RPM elliptical workout + 15 minute Sworkit upper body strength training
Tuesday:  4.33 mile run at 10:23 min/mile pace
Wednesday:  20 minute kickboxing with Jillian + 10 minute Sworkit abdominal strength training
Thursday:  4.04 mile run on the treadmill at 11:08 min/mile pace
Friday:  30 minute Nike Training Club (NTC) Curve Carver workout
Saturday:  Moving Grandma into her new assisted living (I'll count this even though it was technically a rest day)
Sunday:  Oak Hall Run - 3 mile run at 9:50 min/mile pace
In other exciting news this week, and I guess I could've waited for next week's Dumbo training recap to show these but I am so pumped I can't wait - check out this BLING!
These are the medals that I will earn at Disneyland in August!  Aren't they gorgeous???!!  From left:  Dumbo Double Dare, Disneyland Half Marathon, Disneyland 10K
Pardon my excitement :)
QOTD:  What are your favorite workout apps?  
My current favs are Sworkit and NTC (obviously by my summary above!)


  1. fav apps are the Runtastic timer, mapmyrun, and virtual coach!

    Shannon at I Survived and Now I Run

    1. Thanks for the reminder about Map My Run, I use them too!

  2. My fav is Dailymile!