Thursday, May 30, 2013

Dumbo Training: Week 5

Hard to believe we are already into week 5 of Dumbo training!  Thankfully, it's an easy week, and this momma needs it since Morgan is having her surgery today.

Due to said surgery, this is the countdown as of yesterday - which means today it's only 91 days!!!  SQUEEE!!!!!!!!!!

Dumbo Double Dare Training:  Week 5

Tuesday:  45 minutes

Thursday:  45 minutes

Saturday:  3 miles - I have to work this Saturday so this might end up being a treadmill run but I WILL get it in!

No special events this week, just a nice and easy training week.  I will pick back up on some speed training next week - I really do think it's beneficial!

QOTD:  Do you run before or after work??


  1. I hope Morgan's surgery goes well.

    I am a SAHM, so I usually run in the mornings, either before my little guy goes to school, or right after he leaves. I do my long walks at night, after dinner and the kids are in bed, with my girlfriends

    1. Thanks Jennifer - she did great!! I prefer morning runs and I'm thinking about waking up early to run outside before work now that it's lighter outside that early. I'm sure as it gets warmer I will appreciate that decision!