Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Team Refuel

I first read about on Megan's blog - she had a Team Refuel logo on her site and it immediately sparked my curiosity.

I love chocolate milk - it's my favorite post race fuel (review my favorite fuels here) so I didn't need any further convincing but this website shared a lot of information about the science behind drinking chocolate milk to recover after a workout.  They are official sponsors of the Rock 'n Roll Marathon Series, the Ironman series, and several other great races.  Then I went on to read that sponsors atheletes in Team Refuel!

Each month two athletes are selected to represent Team Refuel - applicants submit a 60 second video describing how chocolate milk is part of their "after" - or post exercise refueling.  The rewards for being chosen to be on Team Refuel were numerous - just enough that I couldn't pass it up!

So I applied!!!

I'm currently waiting to find out if I'm a finalist and if selected, my video will be posted on their website for the public to choose their favorite two!  I am excited and nervous and know that even if I don't get selected, trying something new and moving away from my comfort zone were well worth my efforts!

So stay tuned and get ready to vote if I'm selected as a finalist!

QOTD:  Do you prefer pre-mixed chocolate milk or do you like to make your own?
Me, I like to make my own with skim milk and Hershey's syrup - YUM!

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