Monday, April 15, 2013

Supermom Weekend

This past weekend could have come from a chapter of the book "How To Be A Supermom".  Not that I am by any means, but I'm sure giving it my best shot.
The older Samantha gets, the more of a social butterfly she becomes and our whirlwind weekend actually started Friday night.  Buckle your seat belt and come along the ride for my weekend recap!

Friday night Samantha had watch week at dance.  Parents are not allowed into the dance room during a typical dance class but once in the fall and once in the spring we are invited in to watch our kids.  In the spring it's double fun because the kids get their dance recital costumes and perform their dances (or what they have so far) for the parents.  Here is a preview of my dancing diva:

When did she get to be so grown up???

Saturday morning got off to a great start - since Samantha's soccer game did not start until 11am, the BIL came over and we did a 4 mile run around my neighborhood.  It was my first run since being sick last week and I was feeling it for sure but we still managed a 10:44 pace.  After a quick shower we were off to Samantha's soccer game and I'm proud to report that they won for the second week in a row - Go Team Storm!!

After the soccer game we had approximately 1 hour for me to get everyone home, fed some lunch, and clean Samantha up and get her hair up and make-up on and BACK to the dance studio for dance pictures.  Of course, the soccer field was super muddy making my job a bit harder but we still pulled off a record time in the bathtub and superdad fixed her a hotdog while I did her hair.  We got to the studio at 1pm and I'm not sure if it was a blessing or not that they were running behind so I was actually able to run to the store quickly to pick up birthday presents for the remainder of our weekend festivities.  Once pictures were over, it was back to the house to pick up superdad and off to birthday party #1 (yes, there was more than one...) at our FAVORITE (sarcasm intended) place - Chuck E Cheese.

Sam playing my favorite game, SkeeBall (for the record, I stole a few tokens and played some myself.  Don't judge - I let her have the tickets)

Superdad LOVES this place, can't you tell??  

If you have never been to Chuck E Cheese on a Saturday well then you are missing out - this place was a MADHOUSE but I have to give credit to the staff - they handled everything very well and the kids all had a great time.  Birthday party #1 ran from 3-5pm and it was a good thing they had Diet Mountain Dew at the soda fountain because as soon as we were done there it was back in the car and off to birthday party #2 at Memphis Point Gymnastics.  This was the second time I had been there but it was superdad's first time and I think he and some of the other dads had as much fun as the kids!  I didn't get any pictures here because I was too busy jumping on the trampoline - LOL.  Birthday party #2 ended at 6:30 and even though Samantha had had pizza and birthday cake x2, we were starving so it was off to the Mexican place around the corner from the house for some tacos and much deserved margaritas!  

Would you believe I slept like a log that night?  I know, imagine that.

Sunday we were back at it - after a quick trip to the grocery store, superdad headed off to work to try to get a job finished before Monday so me and my friend Andi took our girls to the zoo.  This was Morgan's first time that she was really old enough to see the animals and enjoy them so her expressions were extremely fun to watch!
Chillin' in the stroller, checking out some animals

Samantha and Abby checking out the zebras

Morgan was saying hello to the zebras too

She really liked the giraffes too - #momfail with my finger in the photo...

Checking out the grizzly bears

Had to make a pit stop at the playground before we left

I kinda think I need a day off to recover from the weekend!!

QOTD:  Did anyone else have an uber-busy weekend??

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