Monday, April 8, 2013

Starting the Season Off with a Bang!

Samantha's first soccer game of the season was this past Saturday and Team Storm got off to a great start!  I asked Samantha on Friday how many goals she was going to score on Saturday; her answer:  "1004."  What can I say, she's ambitious :)

Well, she may not have scored any goals but she did block at least one and her team won 4-2!  And thanks to our friend Andi and my mother-in-law who played corral the kid (Morgan), I got to watch most of the game :)  Here are some pics!

 Team Storm pre-game huddle

My soccer star warming up (with Coach Dad in the background supervising)

We dominated the game and stayed on this end of the field for most of the game!

Who knew that dandelions were so entertaining?

Taking a water break

I WOULD cheer for sister, but this flower is more interesting...

Samantha and Emma practicing during half time

Flower picking is so exhausting, I MUST sit down :)

QOTD:  Any other soccer moms out there?  How did your child do this weekend?

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