Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My Heart Is Heavy

I am really having a rough time of all this.  My heart is so heavy right now and I didn't post yesterday because I don't even know that I could put my thoughts into good words and now there is additional tragedy on a local level for me so I just need to get some of my thoughts out there.

I could not believe what I saw on the news and social media on Monday afternoon.  The thought that these horrible bombings occurred still floors me and rocks me to the core.  A girl from my church was running on Monday and my thoughts quickly went to her and everyone else in Boston and just prayed that no one was seriously hurt.  As more news came in and word of deaths got around, my heart sunk.  Thankfully the girl from my church had finished and made it back to her hotel before the bombs went off but my heart still aches for those that were not as lucky as she was.

Like many others across the country (and world for that matter!) I took to the road yesterday morning in memory of those affected by Monday's tragedy.  Many runners completed 4.09 miles, for the time on the race clock when the first bomb went off.  I was supposed to run yesterday anyways so why not make it all that more meaningful?  It was HUMID in Memphis yesterday and I still have some residual from my allergy issues last week but I made it happen, and in pretty good time too:

I also wore a race shirt yesterday but you guys know how I am about posting self pics so I did not take one to share...

Just when I thought things were bad enough, I got word last night that a girl I have known for over 20 years has gone missing.  Heather has not been seen since Monday.  Her keys, phone, and purse are missing but her house was secured and her car was in the driveway.  She did not report to work at Frayser Elementary on Tuesday; she has two children.  Here are some recent photos of her:
I'm asking all my friends (local and otherwise) to please repost this to your social media outlets; here is a link to the story in the Memphis newspaper.  Anyone with any information should contact the Germantown Police Department at 901-757-7338.

Please join me in praying for all of those affected in Boston and for Heather and her family.

QOTD:  I can't really think of one - too much sadness :(

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