Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Happy Easter and My 200th Post!

I hope all of you had a wonderful Easter holiday this past weekend!  The Smiths enjoyed church and time with family all weekend, despite the yucky weather.  Here are some highlights:

 Samantha at our church egg hunt (held indoors due to weather)

Morgan investigating the contents of her egg (she only found one - after that one, she was more interested in opening it up to go find any more!)

My girls!

Morgan playing with her new bubble mower when the weather cleared up

She LOVED this thing!

Samantha and her La Dee Da doll

I wish she could really mow the grass with this...

Also in big news today - this is my 200th post here at The Smith Summary!  My blog has really come a long way since that first post almost 3 years ago!  For those that are new followers, I started this blog as a place to channel my thoughts and feelings after suffering a heartbreaking miscarriage - it's evolved into a lot more than that and I am trying to grow in this blogging world and make positive changes that I think you will enjoy!  First and foremost, not sure if you noticed but The Smith Summary is it's own domain now!  Don't worry, all your links and followings will still bring you here but you can easily type in www.thesmithsummary.com to bring you back in case you get lost rather than going to my previous blogspot address.  Super excited about that!  Thanks for all the love and support you've shown me here, I'm looking forward to the future and bigger and better things on here!

QOTD:  What is your favorite Easter candy??
Mine is Starbursts jelly beans!!!  And I still cannot believe I haven't had any this year!

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