Friday, April 19, 2013

Fitness Friday

TGIF!  Boy, what a week!  Time once again to link up with Running Bloggers for Fitness Friday!

I was sick last week so this is really less than impressive, but oh well.  Sometimes I think getting sick is our body's well of telling us we need to "simma down".  Here's my weekly recap:
Monday:  45 minute resistance/RPM workout on the elliptical
Tuesday:  4.36 miles outside at 10:19 pace
Wednesday:  sick
Thursday:  sick
Friday:  sick
Saturday:  4 miles at 10:45 pace
Sunday:  2 hours walking around the zoo with the girls
I can promise you that I am back on track this week and will have a much more impressive recap next week.  This Sunday I am running the Earth Day 5K at Shelby Farms and I am very excited for several reasons:
1.  The weather is going to be BEAUTIFUL
2.  This was my first 5K last year when I started running
3.  I am not aiming for a personal goal, but rather I am pacing my friend Andi for the first time to earn HER a PR!  This will be the first time I've paced anyone and I am really excited about it!
Tune in Monday for my recap!
QOTD:  Have you ever paced a friend in a race?  Please leave me some tips in the comments!