Friday, April 12, 2013

Fitness Friday

It's Friday - that means, time to link up with Running Bloggers for Fitness Friday!

Here's a look at my workouts from last week:

Monday:  45 minute resistance/RPM elliptical workout

Tuesday:  4.05 mile run on the treadmill at 11:06 min/mile pace

Wednesday:  20 minute kickboxing/strength training workout using Jillian's FastFix video

Thursday:  4.06 mile run on the treadmill at 11:05 min/mile pace

Friday:  Another 20 minutes with Jillian (we did a new move called a donkey kick and I felt it for DAYS)

Saturday:  6x800 speed training with 10:21 min/mile pace for the intervals, 3 minute walk in between

Sunday:  Rest!

Unfortunately I have learned the hard way this week that I think I need another rest day in my schedule because seasonal allergies got the best of me and I had to completely rest on Wednesday and Thursday - hence my blog has been kinda silent this week except for this lovely picture on Wednesday.  I rarely take self pics and more rarely do I post them on here but I took this one this morning because I am wearing my new I Run This Body shirt from Mile Posts:

Owen said I needed to add "Into The Ground" at the bottom since I've been sick this week - LOL

QOTD:  Who else feels REALLY guilty for missing a workout when they are sick??


  1. Great Job! You had a great week, congrats:)

  2. Aw, don't feel guilty! And, I have that same tee! Love it ;)