Monday, April 29, 2013

Big Things Are Happening Around Here!

Hi everyone!  I hope you had an excellent weekend!

I have a few bullet points to cover today.  First off, I took the leap over the weekend and signed up on Instagram!  Are you on Instagram?  Make sure you click on the link to the right and follow me!

Secondly, we have some big changes happening around here THIS WEEK!  So you will want to stay tuned because in honor of our new look that's coming, we MIGHT just be hosting our first giveaway on The Smith Summary (hint, hint).  You won't want to miss it!

As for today - I am guest blogging over at Through Heather's Looking Glass! I am a big fan of Heather's blog and I am super excited to be guest posting for her while she and her hubby are on a Disney cruise!  Today I am discussing my tips for staying healthy and injury-free while training, so join me over at Heather's blog today for some great tips!

QOTD:  Have you ever been on a Disney cruise??  I am skeptical of cruises in general but I think if anyone could make it fun, it would be Disney!  And Heather is a Disney travel agent so if you've been thinking of taking a Disney trip, she's the gal to talk to!

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