Thursday, April 4, 2013

Am I Dopey?

If you are familiar at all with runDisney then you are already well aware of the newest race challenge that have added to Disney World's Marathon Weekend held in January.  Unofficially, the "Dopey Challenge" has existed for years and consisted of those running the established Goofy Challenge and then adding on the 5K, but in 2014 runDisney is making Dopey official.

Yup - you're reading that right.  runDisney is adding a 10K to Marathon Weekend (with a Minnie-themed medal!) and if you run ALL FOUR RACES, you are official Dopey.  Wow.  Just wow.

First off I have to say that we had not planned on going down for Marathon Weekend next year.  While I ran it this year and it was THE MOST AWESOME EXPERIENCE EVER (see my recap here), now that we have joined DVC (yay!!!) we are saving our points for our biennial trip that we are currently planning for fall break 2014.  But with all this bling I started to do some serious reconsidering - I mean, we would have enough points to cover the additional trip and now that Southwest is flying out of Memphis I know I could get cheap air fare, but I guess my biggest concern was could my body handle 48.6 miles in 4 days???  I am currently planning to run the full marathon for St. Jude here in December - can I run another 48.6 miles just one month later??  That and the price tag that goes along with the Dopey challenge - I thought Dumbo Double Dare was bad enough, but this one tops the scales at almost $500!

I had to do some serious soul searching on this one.  And as early registration for Disney Visa card members opens today, I will be politely passing on the registration.  It doesn't help when I see all my social media running buddies signing up but I know ultimately I gotta do what's best for me and my family, and unfortunately that does not include being Dopey :(

I AM, however, keeping my fingers crossed that I can include the Tower of Terror 10 Miler as part of our October trip next year.  The past two years it has fallen the Saturday before Fall Break so here's hoping it does next year also!!!  It has some pretty nice looking bling too:

QOTD:  Are you going Dopey?  Can I live vicariously through you PLEASE?? :)

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