Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Weekend of Firsts

Miss Morgan had a weekend full of firsts this past weekend!

On Friday, we took Morgan to get her first haircut.  Her hair up top has been really slow to grow in but the back took off suddenly and she was starting to look like she was rockin' the mullet - and we can't be having that.  Samantha and I both needed haircuts also so we decided to all go together on Friday afternoon after work.  Owen has been having Charlie cut his hair for a long time so we went and saw her.  I was a bit worried that Morgan wouldn't do well but a Dum Dum sucker saved the day!
 Uhm, Mom, I am not too sure about this...

Ok Dad, if you say I can, I will eat this sucker

This thing is pretty tasty...

You know Mom, this isn't too bad

I was talking about the sucker.  The haircut isn't terrible either...

No more mullet!  Look how cute I am!!

Morgan's First Haircut Certificate

As if that wasn't enough cuteness to make your heart explode, we decided that since the weather was SO beautiful Saturday that we took the girls to the park after picking up our race bibs.  This was Morgan's first trip to the park (we'd taken her as a baby to let Samantha play but, let's face it, the park isn't much fun when you are stuck in the stroller asleep the whole time).  She L.O.V.E.D it.  I mean, look at these smiles!
Catch me Mom, here I come!

Look, I climbed up here all by myself!

This place is the BEST Mom!

Oh, this swing is the BOMB

More, more, push me more Mom!!!

For the record, her shirt says "Top 5 Reasons Why I'm So Cute".  Fitting :)

QOTD:  When did your child get their first haircut?

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  1. I love first haircut pictures. So adorable :)