Friday, March 1, 2013

To DVC or not to DVC - That Is The Question

Me being the type A, OCD planner that I am, I have already begun making preliminary plans for our 2014 vacation back to Disney World.  Owen and I said in the beginning that we would only take the girls there for vacation every other year because it's just so expensive but here lately, we have been toying with the idea of becoming Disney Vacation Club (DVC) members.

DVC is Disney's "time share" - as a DVC member you receive an annual allotment of points to use towards vacation at DVC locations.  Now, obviously we would probably vacation at Disney World most often BUT they have locations all over the world -  not JUST at the theme park.  When we went to Disney for Marathon Weekeend (see my recap here) I rented DVC points from a member and we stayed in a DVC studio at the Animal Kingdom Lodge.  Our room was really nice - since we had no plans to cook any of our own meals the kitchenette was perfect for us.  In the larger DVC villas you have a full kitchen - not sure if we would opt for one of those since we love our Disney dining plan but it's available if you want to go that route.

Obviously buying into a timeshare can be an expensive venture and Owen and I are trying to decide if it's worth it.  We've only committed to going to Disney every other year but if I wanted to do a runDisney event it would be nice to have the option of using my DVC points for accomodations - that really would have come in handy this year since I will be doing two runDisney events before the year is out.  Plus, we could always opt to go to a non-theme park location on our "off" year - they even have a new location in Hawaii that looks absolutely GORGEOUS and who wouldn't love to vacation in Hawaii?

So I guess I'm looking for opinions?  Anyone out there a DVC member that could give me some feedback??

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