Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Another Week, Another Race

Springtime is the best time of the year for runners - you can find a race just about every weekend in Memphis during the spring (usually more than one a day!).  It just so happens that I have another race coming up this Saturday!

Those of you that have been following me for awhile might think this logo looks familiar - and rightfully so.  The 5K for Freedom is the very first race I signed up for when I began running last year (see that annoucement here).  It is also the first race I was sidelined for due to my piriformis injury (see this post here).  When I first got the red light for last year's race I thought I was just gonna be out the registration fee but I found on the website where I could request a refund so I emailed the event organizer and explained my situation.  Fortunately for me, they offered to defer my registration to this year, which I happily accepted!  So, this Saturday I will make an attempt at a 5K PR at my hometown race, the 5K for Freedom.

Right now my 5K PR stands at 35:25 from last year's Earth Day 5K - surely I can improve on that :)

This year my BIL is joining me for this run - with both of us getting the Germantown Half under our belts two weeks ago, we are hoping to blow this race out of the water - and bragging rights to whomever crosses the finish line first!

For the record - I'm gonna walk all over him :)

QOTD:  Have you ever had to defer a race registration due to injury?

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