Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine's Day 10K Recap

I did a few things differently than I originally said that I would for this race but I am overall VERY pleased with how it went!

I started with my usual pre-race breakfast of two multigrain waffles with peanut butter.  Owen tried to talk me into a donut - and you know how much I LOVE a good donut but I politely declined.

I was going to wear my hot pink Under Armour short sleeved top but a cold front came through Thursday night and when I woke up Saturday morning it was COLD - like, 30 degrees and windy COLD.  I had second thoughts about even doing the race because I'd never raced in such cold weather but I was committed so off to Bartlett we went.

I had Owen drop me off and then take the girls to my mom's house so I could see them at the 4 mile marker and I was SO glad that Bartlett Baptist had opened their doors to the race so we could stay inside until the race actually started.  One thing I did NOT know was that they were starting the 10K 10 minutes AFTER they started the 5K so my family was starting to think I was slow as Christmas but we actually had gotten a late start.

We had a pretty big hill early on in mile 1 and I think it forced me to slow down (instead of taking off fast in the beginning only to hit a wall later on) but rather than walk the hill I ran it - yes, you read that right.  And as I was running I made the decision to run as much as I could this race, just to see what I was capable of without taking my usual walk breaks.  After about a mile I started to warm up and I felt that I was going at a comfortable pace.  I spotted my bestie Lori, her SIL and my friend Stephanie, and Stephanie's two daughters Allison and Melanie around the 1.5 mile mark - I was SO happy to see them!!  I definitely had more of a cheer squad for this race than I usually do and I think it was helpful!

Again, I kept up my running and made it to the 4 mile mark where my family was stationed - my mom, my stepdad, Owen and my girls, and even my sister, BIL, and my niece were there.  I was feeling the love for sure!!!  I had not fueled so far and after I saw my family I started to get a tad tired and I knew I had that monster hill coming up again on the return trip towards the church so I decided to fuel.  I made a split decision that morning to bring the Honey Stinger gel with me and I am pleased to report that not only was it tasty but it sure did its job!  It took me less time to consume that than it usually takes so I was back to running again within 0.1 mile.

The monster hill was a tad rougher on the return trip but once I got to the top it was all downhill to the finish line.  I took a glance at my watch and immediately became upset with myself - I had secretly set my goal to finish in 1:06 and I wasn't going to make it.  Looking back now - that was an unrealistic goal given that with my speed training I am trying to run an 11 min/mile pace and this would have been faster.  So once I got over my personal pitty party I decided that it was still possible to PR for this race and I took OFF!  A good song came on and I got my second wind and just hit it.  To top it off - I saw my inlaws standing at the finish line and I hadn't expected them to come so I had to impress my cheer squad with an awesome finish!


I got the PR that I was hoping for!!!  It may have only been by a minute, but a PR is a PR and I will take it.  I felt great at the finish and think I had a great race.

I had made the decision to try the Naked Protein Smoothie as my post-race fuel and then in the rush to get out of the house I forgot it at home - and surprisingly I did fine without it.  After a quick shower we went to Jason's Deli with the family to celebrate - gotta love the salad bar and free ice cream :)

How was your weekend?

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