Friday, February 8, 2013

My Favorite Fuels

I don't typically "carb load" for a 10K but since I have been on the Advocare challenge the past 24 days and watching my carb intake I decided to eat a little more today than I normally would in preparation for tomorrow's Valentine's Day 10K.

This morning's whole wheat bagel is brought to you by the number 10 and the letter K :)
The day before a race I try to stick to whole grain complex carbs and lean proteins and minimize the "roughage" to keep things easy on my tummy.  Depending on the length of the race, I might eat pasta the night before.  The night before St. Jude I ate pasta but since I didn't have that option at Disney so I had a chicken pita with couscous and felt great the next morning.

Speaking of morning -

The morning of the race I typically eat two whole grain waffles with peanut butter.  However, at Disney I did not have the capabilities to bring frozen waffles and reheat them so I ate two of my Honey Stinger waffles about an hour before the race started.

That worked ok for me but I started to feel hungry earlier in that normal.

As far as during race fuel, I stick with drinking water for the most part and I alternate between half a Honey Stinger waffle and half a pack of Honey Stinger chews every 3-4 miles.
While I was training for my first half marathon I tried ALL KINDS of fuels to see which one worked best for me and I found that Honey Stinger didn't upset my stomach NEARLY as bad as Gu and Clif.  I know some people though that swear by those products and I'm not dogging on them by any means, my body just prefers something more natural and I found that with Honey Stinger.  I got a whole bag full of Honey Stinger products for Christmas and the one thing I haven't tried yet is the gel.
The rule is you don't try new things at a race so I will save it for a longer training run.  I hope it likes me because those little packs would be easier to carry.

If it is really hot I typically will also drink a cup of sports drink at every other aid station.  I did NOT do this at St. Jude and around the 8 mile marker I started to feel weird so I picked up some Powerade at the next aid station and felt MUCH better after that.  At Disney I stuck to the every other station - especially due to the heat and the humidity - and I felt fine and it didn't upset my stomach.

My favorite fuel though is post race and I have become a HUGE fan of chocolate milk!
It is the perfect post-race fuel - it has the carbs you need to restore glycogen but also protein and calcium.  This is a great article about drinking milk after exercise - but I didn't need to read it to be convinced this is good stuff!

That being said - I am thinking of trying something new tomorrow morning because I already have it in my fridge.  Ever heard of this stuff?
I compared the stats of this Naked Protein Zone smoothie to chocolate milk and the carb and protein counts are quite similar.  As I said - I am merely THINKING of trying this instead but I will be sure to report back on Monday to let you know.

So, how do YOU fuel??  Tell me your favorites!

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