Monday, February 18, 2013

Dumbo Double Dare, aka D3


I kinda gave a LITTLE bit of a hint here that I had another runDisney event on my schedule.  With all the hype I'm seeing on Facebook and Twitter about this weekend's Princess Half Marathon, I am having pangs of envy for all my friends running at the most magical place on Earth this weekend.  So to help me get over the jealousy I've decided to break the news about the next runDisney event I have on my calendar - the Dumbo Double Dare!
Yup - you read that right.  Dumbo Double Dare.  INAUGURAL Dumbo Double Dare - or D3 as we fondly refer to it.  I am EXTREMELY lucky to have gotten into this race (er, races!) - registration for this event filled up in less than ONE HOUR!  WOW!  And - as you can tell by the pic above - it's at Disneyland in California!  I've never been there and am SUPER excited about my first trip!

Heck, as you can tell by all my caps in this post, I'm just super excited about this PERIOD :)

This runDisney challenge consists of two races - the inaugural Disneyland 10K on Saturday, August 31st, followed by the Disneyland Half Marathon in Sunday, September 1st.  So similar to the Goofy Challenge at Disney World but with a 10K and a half marathon.  Owen and I will be traveling to California with my sister and brother-in-law (who is going to join me for the half marathon on Sunday).  We are NOT taking the girls on this trip - I have never been to California and am leary of taking them anywhere I haven't been before, but most importantly, Samantha will be in kindergarten and I don't want to take her out of school.  They will be staying at home with family while we enjoy an adults-only weekend!  And best of all - SOMEONE, no names mentioned, has a birthday that weekend :)  

Expect to see more on the blog about this at the date approaches!

So you guys know me and know that I am already deep into planning this awesome runDisney weekend - anyone else out there been to Disneyland and can give me some tips/pointers??

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