Monday, February 25, 2013

Chobani Bites - Product Review

In my quest to drop these last pesky pounds I have changed up a few things to put a little variety into my workouts and my daily menu.

First of all, I have stuck with my normal Monday cross-training but whenever possible I will extend the time on my elliptical to 45 minutes instead of 30.  I have been doing HIIT on Wednesdays and one other day (usually Friday or a weekend day), leaving myself with one "off" day each week.  So far this has been working really well and I have lost 2 more pounds since finishing the Advocare Challenge.  I have lost a total of 4.5 pounds since beginning the Biggest Loser Challenge with my friends in the Pacebook Running Club (I will discusses PbRC in another post, they are so awesome they need their own posting!!).  I have tried to stick with a lot of the fundamentals from the Advocare Challenge which involves mostly "clean" eating.  Now, that's really hard to do with a husband and two little girls so my diet is not completely "clean", but I have been doing things like salad with lean protein and yogurt for lunch instead of some of my usuals.

So, speaking of yogurt, I decided I HAD tell you guys about this new one I've just tried.  I am a big fan of greek yogurt - I just like the taste and enjoy the benefits of greek vs. regular yogurt.  I've really tried to cut artificial ingredients out of my diet so my favorite greek yogurt is Chobani - they use only natural ingredients so it meets my requirements!  Plus I can find it in my regular grocery store.

Chobani has recently released a new product called their Chobani Bites - a smaller-sized cup with dessert-like flavors that will satisfy any sweet tooth!  These were on sale at Target last week so I took it as a sign that it was time to give them a try - and BOY was I NOT disappointed!!

These bad boys are pretty popular - my Target location only had caramel with pineapple chunks and coffee with dark chocolate bites left so I grabbed one of each.

Today with my lunch I decided to give this one a shot - and I tell ya what - if I hadn't known it was yogurt, I never would have.  Sometimes "sweet" yogurts still have that yogurt "tangy tartness" (come on, you know what I'm talking about!) to them but I did not taste that at all.  It had the thick, creamy texture that I love in greek yogurt and it REALLY tasted like caramel.  The pineapple chunks were REAL and there were plenty of them in this small cup.  It was only 100 calories and in my opinion totally worth it - something healthy and good for you disguised as an indulgent treat!

Has anyone else tried these things?  Let me know if you like the other flavors!

***Disclaimer - I was not provided with free product or compensated for the opinions listed here.  They are purely my own; I just truly enjoyed this stuff and wanted to share!***

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  1. Chobani Honey is the only one I can down. It's their 6oz size though.