Monday, February 4, 2013

Back In The Saddle

I guess you could call me an official bling addict - I tell ya, one of the first things I could think about after getting home from Disney 3 weeks ago was getting signed up for another race.  The adrenaline rush can NOT be beat - it's addicting.

I signed up for the Germantown Half Marathon back in December before the price increased but that's not until March 17th and I wanted something in the meantime to keep me motivated.  After a quick look at the local race calendars I set my sights on the Valentine's Day 10K, which is coming up this Saturday at 9am.

A few things I really liked about this race:
1.  I needed a February race and this one fit the bill.  
2.  I haven't run a 10K race since June - no better time than the present!
3.  Bartlett is a quick drive from my home and the race route actually runs right by my mother's house - Mom, there is NO excuse for you not to be out there cheering for me!!! :)

There is one downside to this race:  a MONSTER hill within the first mile.  The good news about hills though is that when you go up, you always get to come back down :)  I am trying not to be scared of hills - they are a part of racing and if you can master the hills, it just makes the flatter courses all that more fun!  Plus I always follow this mantra:  there is no shame in walking the hills!

I am looking to PR with this race so my time to beat is 1:09:51 - read that race recap here.  I am pretty sure I can do it but a few extra prayers wouldn't hurt so say some for me this Saturday!!!

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