Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Speed Training

Now that I have two half marathons and a full marathon under my belt, I feel the only logical next step for me to take with my training is to work on improving my time.

Don't get me wrong - for my first big races, I was just glad to finish!!!  But now that I KNOW I can do it - I want to do it FASTER!

I spent some time researching speed training online and here's what I've come up with:

1.  Realistically you shouldn't set your goal for your race pace to be more than 30 seconds/mile faster than your best time in the past year.  My best time was the WHM in Nashville, where I finished in 2:30 - this is about an 11:30 min/mile pace.  So I am setting my goal race pace at an 11:00 min/mile, which would put me finishing a half marathon in about 2:25.  I know 5 minutes doesn't seem like a lot but I am taking the realistic approach here.

2.  Once again I look to Jeff Galloway for training recommendations, since for the most part, I follow his run/walk method.  Jeff's training recommended 40 minute runs twice weekly and then alternating weekend runs between distance and speed.  Doing speed training I would need to run a designated number of half mile intervals at a pace 15 seconds FASTER than my goal pace.  So, if my goal pace is 11 min/mile, I would run the half mile intervals at 10:45 min/mile pace.

I decided to start the training this week so I completed my first 40 minute weekday run this morning before work - the weather outside was unseasonably warm and I impressed myself by covering 3.65 miles!

This Saturday I will do my first speed training session - 4 half mile (800 meter) intervals with a 3 minute walk break in between each one.

My goal is to PR at the Germantown Half Marathon on March 17th!

Anyone else out there done speed training similar to this??  Share your tips!!!

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