Monday, December 3, 2012

St. Jude Half Marathon

This past Saturday I ran the St. Jude Marathon Half Marathon.  The weather could not have been more perfect - it was sunny and a high of 68 in Memphis that day with a temp around 60 when the race started.  I picked up my race bib on Friday:

 Looking at this bib was kinda depressing since I was registered for the full marathon and was not going to be running that race.  Sigh.

To make myself feel better I bought myself this sticker for my car at the expo.  I like how the "." is the St. Jude logo.  Running through the campus during the race was enough to move me to tears; those kids are SO inspirational!

And to have a little fun I got a manicure on Friday and got my nails painted to match my top.

Saturday morning I was feeling great and the foot really held up.  I had the stomach bug last Wednesday so I could tell dehydration hit me around mile 9 when my vision got a little blurry but a quick stop at the Powerade station helped with that.  There were around 18,000 runners Saturday so needless to say, it was a bit crowded in places and I got a slower start than I wanted but I still finished in a respectable 2:39.

This is me and my friend Laura post race in front of the Christmas tree at AutoZone Park (where the finish line was)

Because I did not finish the race I registered for I did not receive an official time for the race but I DID receive a half marathon finishers medal - I guess I can live with that ;)

Next year I have decided to run as a St. Jude Hero and raise more money for the hospital.  It was just inspiring to see those kids out there cheering for us when they had been through so much - I figure running 13.1 was the LEAST I could do after all they'd been through!

Highlight of my day, however, had to be seeing Samantha after the race while I was wearing my medal and she exclaims:  "Mommy, you WON!!!"  Well, not for real but in her heart I am always a winner :)


  1. It is so random that I came across this post through Google, but I have a question for you. I know you didn't get an official time, but did you have a way of finding out what your official time would have been? What I mean is, was your chip time ever listed anywhere for you to see, or did you have to get your time that you mentioned from your own timing device?

    I am running this race in December and may be in the same boat as you- running a race that I'm not registered for, therefore not having an official time. I would like to be able to see my time and my splits though somehow, so I wanted to know if you were able to see those at some point! Thanks!!

    1. Hi Scoutt! I had to rely on my own timing device for my time, since my timing chip was programmed for the full marathon and I crossed the half finish line, it did not even record past the 15K mat. I am registered for the full again this year but considering dropping back to the half after a poor performance at my half marathon last weekend. You can transfer your registration with St. Jude until November 15th - the cost is $10. If I decide to change I will go the official route this year so that I can have an official finish time to use for other races. Here's the link to get more info on that: Good luck and thanks for stopping by!

  2. Thanks so much for that information! I looked at the FAQs and would like to do the same thing except switch from the half to the full...however both of the races are sold out. It says that you can only switch if the races are not sold out. :-(

    I wonder if there is any way that they would allow us to pay the change fees and allow us to "switch races" at the same time so that we're literally just taking each other's places in the races...? It wouldn't be "adding people" to either sold out race since we'd just be switching which race we were running, but I'm still not sure if they will do it. Let me know if you'd be interested in trying though; I doubt there are very many people wanting to switch from a half to a full, so they might not get this question of people wanting to swap races very often! It's usually the other way around.