Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Color Run

This past Saturday I participated in The Color Run.  It's advertised as "The Happiest 5K on Earth" and aside from the fact that it wasn't a full 5K (I clocked it - it was only 2.6 miles) - it really was a lot of fun and a welcomed addition to my training schedule (not that it was a timed run, but it WAS a run and this was a recovery week anyways).

I still have orange powder in my ears too, 3 days later!

Here are some pics (and again, some of them are sideways...ARGH):

 Me - this is the BEFORE shot

The Tolbert Family - this is my running buddy!

Color Runners lining up next to the Liberty Bowl Stadium

Samantha and Morgan ready to cheer for Mommy

Me - this is the AFTER shot!

Post race celebration - everyone releases a packet of color into the air!  

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