Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Samantha's First Field Trip (Happy Fall Y'all Part 2)

Last Thursday Samantha's pre-K class took a field trip to Priddy Farms.  Due to an HR training at work I was unable to take the day off and go for the whole trip but I got to leave work for about an hour and meet her class there since the pumpkin patch is right down the road from the office; she was SO happy that I came!  And even though we had just been to the pumpkin patch the weekend prior, she had a BLAST playing with her friends.

This was her very first field trip so of course I had to document the momentous occasion with a bunch of photos! (And yes, I know, it's the return of some sideways photos but like I said yesterday I have that figured out now so hopefully this will be the last post you have to turn your head for!)

Proudly displaying her first sack lunch!  I even drew a pumpkin on it :)

Boarding the school bus

Ready to go!!

Funtime Learning Center's Pre-K class at Priddy Farms - 2012

Sam and Ms. Laura riding the train

Sam and her friend Lillie


Candy hunt in the hay - the big blue dog is Funzy, the school mascot :)  He came to the pumpkin patch too!

Looking for candy

Her teacher pointing out some candy

Her stash :)

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