Monday, October 29, 2012

I Got The Boot - Literally

Well - I have a small wrinkle in my race training plans.

I introduce you to - the boot.

The boot and I became acquainted last Wednesday and we will be BFFs until November 6th.  After my 16 mile run on the 20th I noticed some soreness on my right foot but didn't think anything of it.  I still had some residual on Tuesday but I attributed that to my poor shoe choice that day and still went on my regular 30 minute run that afternoon.  BIG mistake.  When I got done my foot immediately started hurting.  Given that I have a big race coming I decided not to take chances with this and went to the ortho the following day.

Diagnosis = possible stress fracture and tendonitis around my ankle.  Lovely.

I am in the boot until the 6th - which means no running.  At this point I have decided that as long as I am cleared to resume training on the 6th I will not physically be ready to run the full marathon on December 1st so I am going to have to limit myself to the half marathon.  I am trying to be optimistic about this - at least I can still participate.  And then I can work my way back up to 26.2 by January for the Disney.

What lousy timing!

Any other runners out there ever had a stress fracture?  Did it totally derail your training???

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