Monday, October 22, 2012

Happy Fall Y'all!

We took our annual trip to Priddy Farms pumpkin patch last weekend to get the Smith family pumpkins.  Oddly enough I did not take any pictures of us getting our pumpkins, just of the girls having a blast :)  FYI - I finally figured out how to fix the sideways pictures but some of these were taken before then so bear with me a few more times!

 Morgan on the swing at Priddy Farms

Samantha being an awesome big sister!

Samantha on the swing

Samantha riding on the train

This past Saturday Arlington held their annual Harvest Gathering in the town square and Samantha's dance class was invited to perform again.  Here are some not sideways pics of that!!

Getting ready to go on stage

Samantha's class performing - she's the one on the far right with her hands in the air :)

Morgan, soaking up the late afternoon sun

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