Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Still No Disney Pics - BUT - In The Meantime...

I can give you a quick running update!!

I did my 4 mile "long" run the Friday before we left for Disney and had every intention of running at least twice while we were there.  WELL...Miss Morgan had other plans for me as she did not sleep very well while we were gone and I was just too tired to get up early to fit those runs in so I did not run again until the Monday after we got back.

I did 12 miles.

And I about DIED.

That full week of no running really showed because even though the weather was great and I was fueled my endurance just wasn't what it usually is and by the 10 mile mark I was spent.  In retrospect I should have taken more walk breaks.  The last two miles really made me wonder what I've gotten myself into.

That being said, I did my "long" 4 mile run this past Sunday evening and decided to do a 5:1 run/walk ratio to see if that helped and BOY did I notice a big difference.  I had a GREAT time and didn't feel exhausted afterwards - AND - I didn't even fuel.  I think I will employ the 5:1 ratio this weekend when I run the -

Yes - it's FINALLY here!  I cannot believe I am running my first half marathon in just 3 more days.  It is so surreal.  Race starts at 7am Saturday morning.  Wish me luck!!!!

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