Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fro Yo Love

Yogurt Mountain opened in our town a few months ago.  I will not lie - Ice cream/fro yo is my absolute favorite food but not having a BYO fro yo place nearby was probably saving me lots of money.  I'm sure the owner of Yogurt Mountain just loves me; we are regular customers :)

This past Sunday when we got home from Nashville I was in the mood for some fro yo (imagine that) so we hit up Yogurt Mountain before we went grocery shopping.

I have to say at first I was shocked and appalled by the "kettle corn" flavor - who would want kettle corn flavored fro yo?  But curiosity got the best of me so I tried it.  And dang, was it good.

Here was the end result:

My creation - kettle corn fro yo with chopped peanuts, chopped Snickers bars, and Nutella topping.

It was a nice mix of salty and sweet.  And I ate every last bite.

Anyone else ever tried a "weird" fro yo flavor??

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