Monday, July 9, 2012

Magic Mile

I finished week 4 of marathon training yesterday - wow, I cannot believe I just said that.  I think I need to say it again.

I finished week 4 of marathon training yesterday.

Holy cow.

I am following Jeff Galloway's 30 week schedule.  Every two weeks or so he has you run a measured mile at a good, hard pace for you and using his proven formula, you can determine the pace you should be able to run at for longer distances.  This is what he refers to as the "Magic Mile."   Yesterday's run consisted of 2.5 miles including the magic mile; I ran at a regular pace for 1 mile, then ran the magic mile as fast as I could (without getting sick of course), and then slowed it back down for another half a mile.  The weather here in Memphis yesterday morning was cloudy and a little below 80 degrees - thank YOU for the cooler weather! I don't know if I could have pulled off this magic mile if it had been hotter or I was running in direct sun.

I was almost afraid to look at my Garmin when I felt the two mile alarm go off - but I did.  And boy, was I pleasantly surprised!!!


Can you freakin' believe that???!!!  I have NEVER EVER run at that pace.  EVER.  I think I am still in shock today.  And I felt GREAT.  Not sure if it was endorphins from seeing such a great PR or if it's just that my endurance is building but I'd like to think it's a little bit of both :)

On tap for week 5 is a 6 mile run, which I will be completing in sunny South Carolina this weekend as we travel to Spartanburg to visit Owen's family.  We are staying at his grandmother's house; Owen tells me her neighborhood is nice and hilly - fun fun :)  Sarcasm intended.

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