Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Chili Cheese A Plenty

I guess I am still tired from vacation - I can NOT believe that I forgot to post about our dinner at The Beacon!!

We went to The Beacon on Sunday night of our trip (I knew we'd go there early on during our stay; the men just couldn't stay away!!).  Samantha really enjoyed ordering her own dinner - she got peanut butter and jelly, by the way; not sure why but oh well, she ate it...

Owen, of course, had the Chili Cheese A Plenty.  And for those of you dying to see what a chili cheeseburger on a plate piled high with fries and onion rings looks like, wait no longer:

It did not take him long to eat this entire plate.  Those of you that know my husband should not be surprised by that :)

I ordered a hamburger and fries (no "a plenty" for me).  Here was my gorgeous plate:

It was tasty :)

Alas though, I did not get to have the giant banana split that I had wanted because everyone was complaining about how full they were and I think Owen could tell I was disappointed so he went to Bruster's and got me some ice cream.  I have never been there (is there even one in the Memphis area??) but their ice cream was SO good.  I even let Morgan try a small bite and then she kept fussing at me because she wanted more.  I have created a monster.  No picture of the ice cream because it went that fast - he even got me cookie dough - that man knows me too well :)

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