Monday, July 2, 2012

8 Months


You are 8 months old today!  How is this possible when it feels like I just brought you home from the hospital yesterday???!!!

You weighed 16lb 10oz at your last doctor visit and are going through your 6-9 month clothes very quickly.  I have a feeling I will be busting out the next size before too long, you are growing like a weed!!!

You still only have two teeth but I am convinced you have more on the way.  You are constantly putting things in your mouth; one of your favorites is this big, fat rubber spoon.

This was you this morning, chewing away :)  Speaking of LOVE to eat.  I mean, LOVE it.  When I am feeding you and you want more you open your mouth and lean forward like a baby bird.  It is THE cutest thing.

You also will carry on conversations with various versions of "da da da" - and sometimes I can get you to say "ma ma ma" too so I don't feel left out :)  But you love to talk to all of us, especially your sister!!

Speaking of sister, pretty soon you will be chasing her around because you are SO close to crawling!  You can get up on your hands and knees and rock and move your hand forward but you haven't quite figured out yet that if you moved your knee also that you would move forward.  But you've almost got it!  You get really upset with yourself when you can't do it and you fall on your belly.  Don't worry little buddy, you'll get the hang of it real soon I bet :)

We are getting ready to take you on your first trip to South Carolina to see Daddy's family; they are going to LOVE you!  I just hope you love riding in the car for 9 hours just as much - YIKES!

You continue to bring joy to our family and even though your sleeping habits sometime leave much to be desired...I love every single moment we get to spend with your cute self.

Happy 8 month birthday!!!


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