Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekend Recap

Boy, what a weekend!

First off, without further adieu, a recap of Saturday morning's Ultimate 10K!

I finished in 1:09:51!  So I met my goal of finishing in less than 1:10.  BARELY, but I met it.  The first two miles I came in under 11 minute miles and I was feeling really strong - and then we came upon two MONSTER hills.  Which I ran, not walked, but it obviously slowed me down.  The second half of the course had little to no shade which slowed me down also.  I stopped at each aide station and I was pleasantly surprised that some of the people that live in the neighborhood had set up a frozen washcloth station at mile 5 - I could've kissed them, those things were awesome!!!  The official race results are not up yet but it doesn't really matter to me how I placed - I finished, and once again, I had my family cheering for me and that made it all worth it :)

Saturday afternoon we took Samantha to see "Brave", Disney/Pixar's newest movie.  She's been asking us for a week if we would take her and we told her if she was good at school that we would.

There were a few scary parts but overall I thought it was a great movie; very girl power-ish.  I'm expecting Samantha to ask for a bow and arrow any day now :)

Saturday night Owen and I had date night - we were LONG OVERDUE for one of these!  Because of Morgan's feeding schedule we did not want to be gone for too long so we went to Bonefish Grill and were pleasantly surprised that we did not have to wait - which on a Saturday night in Cordova is almost unheard of.  I figured after the race that morning I could treat myself to a beverage - check this thing out:

This was my watermelon martini - and it was YUM-O.  We had some delicious grilled fish and, again, I treated myself to dessert - a PB&J bread pudding.  I forgot to take a picture before I dug in and there was nothing left to photograph when I got done - I was SO full but it was SO good.

Samantha spent the night with my in-laws that night so when we went to pick her up Sunday we found her in the kiddie pool in their backyard.  Since it was so hot we decided to let Morgan have a swim too.  Here's some pics of my cuties in the pool:

Overall a pretty good weekend; busy, but fun :)

What did you do this weekend??


  1. Congrats on your 10K! I ran one on March is just over 1:10. Under 1:10 was my goal, but I didn't really train and was pretty sick, so I was ok with it. I'm doing the Road Runners series of races, so I'll get another chance I guess. :)

    1. Thanks Allison! I'm not brave enough to do the RRS - good luck!!!