Friday, June 22, 2012

The Race Is On

Tomorrow is my first 10K race!  I am so excited.  I have really been working hard and my goal is to finish in less than an hour and ten minutes.  I've run this course once before - it began to downpour and thunder/lightening when I hit about the 4 mile mark and I still managed to pull it off in one hour 6 minutes so I figure on a day with nicer weather I should be able to get it done a bit faster.

Today I am eating complex carbs and protein to help build my glycogen stores for tomorrow.  Here was my breakfast:

I met my sister at Panera so I decided to try their steel cut oatmeal with summer blueberries and granola.  YUM!!!

This is the first of the next 4 races I have signed up for so our countdowns are officially on!  Here's what I have coming up:

Ultimate 10K - less than 24 hours!!
Women's Half Marathon in Nashville - 91 days
St. Jude Marathon - 161 days
Disney Marathon - 201 days

I hope you guys don't mind countdowns because I will keep them coming!  And for those of you interested, our Disney World vacation is in 73 days :)

Wish me luck tomorrow!!!  I'll be sure to post race results on Monday!!!

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