Thursday, May 10, 2012

First Tooth

I apologize for my lack of posts - we were having a pretty boring week at the Smith house up until Monday evening, and since then I've been too busy and/or tired to catch you guys up!  So here it goes.

Morgan has her first tooth!!

I can NOT believe it - she's my "itty bitty" and she has her first tooth!

We've known she was working on one for some time now - she's been excessively drool-y and fussy and putting anything in her mouth she can make fit - but no tooth.  Monday night was BAD - we were pretty much up all night.  And still - no tooth.  But then Monday afternoon after I picked her up from daycare she grabbed my finger and shoved it in her mouth and - VOILA - I felt it.  It's on the bottom left.  She won't hardly let you look in her mouth to see it or I'd post a pic but it's definitely there.  Poor itty bitty, no wonder she's been having such a hard time!!!

Well, we are VERY well equipped now - I have what I'm calling the teething trifecta - a regimen that consists of alternating between 3 different products:  Orajel, Natural Orajel, and Humphreys Teething Tablets.  The tablets were a God send when Samantha started teething but they didn't seem to be doing much on their own for Miss Morgan so we decided to try a little combination therapy.  She gets one thing about every 3 hours if she needs it and then at bedtime a dose of Tylenol.  Last night she slept from 9pm-3am straight - which is a BIG improvement from the past week!  I'm hoping this will help us get through teething season. 

She is also really enjoying Sophie, her teething giraffe.  Sophie was a gift from my good friend Clara and the only problem I have with it is keeping it away from the dogs because it squeaks so they think it's a dog toy!  But Morgan loves it - thanks Clara!!! baby is growing too fast!!!  As soon as she'll let me get a picture of it I'll be sure to share it with all of you!!!

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