Thursday, May 24, 2012

And I Ran...

First off I have to apologize for being WAY overdue for a blog post and update.  To be quite honest it really has more to do with the new Blogger lay out and how it does not work right on my computer, which makes it really hard to put together a good post when I can't see half the stuff :(    But I perservere today to give you an update on my training!

We are almost done with our 10K training program.  This past weekend was my second "long" run of 5 miles and I shocked myself by finishing it in a decent time and feeling like I could've kept going.  It is getting a little bit hot out so I've been getting up early on Sunday mornings to do my long run before it gets too unbearable.  I do my midweek runs after work when it is hot outside but it's just unavoidable.  I try to wear light colored clothing and limit my time outside and pace myself appropriately, in addition to hydrating well before and after.  We have our 10K coming up on June 23rd and it starts at 8am so I know it will be a doozy but I don't have another race scheduled until September and hopefully it will start to cool down by then.

Speaking of races - I've signed up for several since my last running update!  Here's my list:

10K:  Ultimate 10K - June 23rd
Half marathon:  Ladies Half Marathon - Nashville - September 22nd
Marathon:  St. Jude Marathon - December 1st
                 Disney Marathon - January 13th

Yup - there is is.  The Disney. 

When I first started this running journey I professed my goal was to run at Disney and by golly, I'm gonna do it!!!!!  We thought that running a full marathon closer to home before hand would be a good idea and as luck would have it the St. Jude Marathon falls on the week of training that we'd need to run 26 miles, so we signed up.  Plus it's for an excellent cause!  But y'all don't tell Samantha we're going back to Disney in January - it's gonna be a surprise :)

We start our official marathon training schedule the week of June 10th.  I am super excited and at times nervous and scared but I think I can do anything I put my mind to!!!  So far my best pace on a long run has been a 10:30 min/mile and even if I finish much slower than that - at least I finish!!

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  1. These are so wonderful! I know you are going to kick butt! Keep up the awesome work!