Friday, March 23, 2012

When It Rains...

Damn - what a week!!!

Monday started out pretty good; I was off work because I am working this Saturday. I got the girls to daycare and since the weather was so nice I took my run that morning. This is where things start going downhill.

I ran for 25 minutes at a 10:33 min/mile pace - the fastest I've ever gone! But as soon as I was done I knew something wasn't right. By the time I got home and got out of the shower I was starting to hurt in my lower left back.  But I sucked it up and went to the grocery store and noticed that it was hurting while I walked.  Again, thinking I might've just pulled a muscle or something so I kept trucking along.  By the evening though it was pretty sore and hurt to walk.  Surely, I thought, I'll feel better in the morning.

But I didn't.

So when I got to work I put on a Thermacare patch I still had leftover from being pregnant, hoping it would provide some relief and then tried a light cardio workout when I got home.

OMGoodness - that hurt like crazy.

At this point I realized something was wrong and I needed to get it looked at.  I made an appointment for Wednesday morning with my chiropractor, who diagnosed it as sacroiliitis - inflammation of the sacroiliac joint.  Splendid.  I have to take a few days off from exercise and apply ice to let it heal.  Ok, I can do that.

UNTIL itty bitty gets sick the next day.  Wednesday night Morgan came home from daycare with green gunk (yes, that's a technical term) coming from her eyes.  My first thought - lovely, she has pink eye again.  So I call my boss and let her know I will be out on Thursday so I can get her to the doctor first thing.  I forgot to mention that my father-in-law was diagnosed with shingles on Wednesday so my inlaws are not available to be my back-up babysitters until he gets better since Morgan has not had all of her vaccines yet - so I will have to stay home with her if she cannot go to school.  I call yesterday morning and get her a 10am appointment.

She woke up with the green gunk in her eyes again so I take a cotton swab and some saline and gently clean her eyes and guess what?  The green gunk does not come maybe not pink eye???  She still has drainage and a little cough so we'll keep the appointment and just get her checked out - you can tell she just doesn't feel that great.  Well, apparently I let the drainage and cough go on for too long - poor baby has bronchiolitis.  We are giving her around the clock nebulizer treatments for the next 6 days and steroids orally for the next 5.  Can I tell you how terrible I feel???  I guess I deserved having to drive all over God's green earth yesterday hunting down a nebulizer - for which I paid for dearly with my hip hurting by lunch time.

So last night we got Morgan up at 11pm and 3am for breathing treatments.  She slept through the first one completely and the second one she slept until the treatment was done, so then we were up an additional hour getting her fed and back to sleep.  I then caught about an hour before I had to wake up for work.  Needless to say I am a zombie today.  AND - I returned to the chiropractor this morning to check on my hip and since I have not had much improvement he thinks it is doubtful I will be ready to run my 5K next Saturday.

I feel like crying.

When it rains, it pours!!!!!

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