Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Quick Update on the Smiths

Well, it looks like the rain is subsiding at the Smith house!

Miss Morgan seems to be getting better.  This weekend was rough and we thought we were going to have to take her into sick clinic on Sunday but we discovered that she liked to put her mouth on the nebulizer so we thought, hey - attach the mouthpiece to it and let her go to town.  So we did just that and her wheezing is much improved - seems she's getting more of the medicine this way.  She finished her steroid yesterday and today is her last day of around the clock nebulizer treatments.  Sunday she began pulling at her left ear so my first thought was ear infection, but I got her into the pediatrician yesterday and thankfully it's just fluid - just say a prayer that it doesn't wind up getting infected!!

As for me - I was able to get into physical therapy yesterday and OMGoodness, what a difference!!!  This place works miracles apparently!  He agreed with the chiropractor that I have SI joint dysfunction but that has also led to what's called piriformis syndrome.  Pretty much what has happened is that my piriformis muscle has been overworked (probably due to the SI joint dysfunction, which can happen in "women of child bearing age") and is now large enough that it presses on my sciatic nerve when it contracts.  Fun fun!  The treatment began immediately yesterday, which includes exercises to strengthen other hip area muscles and massage of the muscle.  Now, I WISH I could say this was a relaxing, day spa-like massage but - it wasn't.  It HURT like all get out - but you know what??  When I got up from the table, I walked to my car - PAIN FREE - for the first time in a week!!!  The physical therapist was optimistic that I would be able to run my 5K on Saturday with a few more treatments this week.  It will by no means be my fastest time but you know what?  My goal is just to participate and finish. 

Needless to say after a rough week last week, this good news yesterday was quite encouraging!!!  Perhaps things are looking up for us at the Smith house!  Thanks to everyone for all your prayers and good thoughts - keep 'em coming because they appear to be working!!!

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  1. Hope this treatment works for you and that your remain PAIN FREE!