Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My Little Receptionist

This was too funny NOT to share!

I was feeding Morgan last night in our room when the phone rings - mind you, it was around 8:15pm and no one calls that late unless it's a telemarketer (I could go on a rant about this now but I will refrain).  Of course, I am unable to answer it and Owen is outside with the dogs.  That leaves Samantha - and yes, she answered the phone.

Before I go into the transcript of the conversation I have to tell you a little background about how my 4 year old knows how to answer the phone.  We will on occassion let Samantha answer the phone if we see it is her grandparents calling; we've taught her how to properly answer and told her she can ONLY do it if Mommy and Daddy say she can.  But here lately she has taken to answering the phone any time it rings.  I have told her not to do this but after the conversation I overheard last night - I couldn't scold her for doing it this time :)

Here's the portion of the call I could hear; I can only imagine what the poor fellow on the other end of the conversation was saying and/or thinking...

"Who is this?"  (note - she did not answer the phone with the proper hello - gotta work on that some more I guess)

"You want my daddy?  He's with my mommy"  (he really wasn't but what does that matter)

"Do you work with him?"

"Where do you work then?"

"Why do you want my daddy then?  Are you friends with him?"

At this point I don't hear anymore - the poor guy has hung up and will probably not be calling us again.

Gotta love my little receptionist!!  She keeps the telemarketers away!!!!!

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