Friday, March 30, 2012

Change of Plans...

Well, thanks to this injury I will NOT be running in the 5K for Freedom tomorrow.  I got my good cry out about it last night - I have worked SO hard since the beginning of the year for this race and now I'm sidelined. 

My physical therapist thinks I will probably need another week of rest.  When I did some more research on piriformis injuries it looks like 2-3 weeks of rest is typical - it SUCKS, but it's the nature of the muscle's location.  You can never fully REST it because you need it to walk.  The bright side of this news is that at least I'm about 2 weeks in so hopefully one more week will do.  In looking at my training schedule I will have to start the 10K training over again but that shouldn't set me behind for the 10K we are aiming for in June and our marathon training which will start that same month.

But - I wanted to be able to say I had run a 5K so now I've got to set about picking another race.  I'm optimistically looking at the Earth Day 5K at Shelby Farms on Sunday, April 22nd.  Hopefully, after one more week of rest, I can resume training the week of April 7th and be ready to go for this 5K.

I'm really trying hard not to let this set back get the best of me but I'll be honest - it's really dragged me down this week.  I can remember a time when I never would have considered getting into running for exercise and now I see how much I have gotten into it and what a grump I am when I can't do it!

Let's keep our fingers crossed that one more week of PT and rest will do the trick.

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