Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy 3 Month Birthday Morgan!

Dear sweet baby,

I cannot believe you are 3 months old today!  Where is the time going???

You are getting to be quite the little chunkster.  I don't know exactly how much you weigh right now since we haven't been to the doctor in a month, but if I had to guess, you're at least 12lb by now.  You have the cutest little rolls!  And my are you LONG!  I guess I shouldn't be surprised by that considering how tall your daddy and sister are, but you could fit into your 0-3 month stuff a bit longer if it wasn't for your long legs :)  Of course, I continue to stuff you into the small stuff because I am in denial about how quickly you are growing.

This was you this morning.  You are the cutest naked baby ever :)

You have started smiling and cooing at us MUCH more here lately; I just love that!  You especially like to play peek-a-boo.  That is quickly becoming our after feeding ritual; I sit you in my lap and play with you and you "talk" to me and tell me all about your day - I told Daddy that I steal all your smiles that way :)  These are the cutest smiles!!

I am loving watching you interact with your big sister, too.  She calls you sissy; you don't seem to mind that at all, and usually smile back at her!  But most of all, I just love watching you - you are too stinkin cute.

Last picture, I promise :)

Happy 3 month birthday sweet Morgan!  Mommy, Daddy, and big sister love you very much :)

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