Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Who Knew...

So - this whole "no dairy" thing has really put label reading in a new perspective for me.  There are SO many things that I don't even think about containing dairy products - that contain dairy!  And I usually find out about it from Morgan, as she screams from stomach pains and breaks out in a rash on her neck and chin, followed by a stuffy nose :(  Makes me feel like the world's worst mom!!!

The latest culprit I've discovered - powdered hot cocoa mix.  You guys will probably think I'm the biggest idiot but it honestly never occurred to me that making hot chocolate would be a problem if I made it with water...stupidity - 1, Kristen - 0. 

This dairy intolerance is really more serious than I realized; I came to the conclusion this morning that I have to be way more dilligent in making sure I don't eat or drink anything with cow milk products in them.  I came across this website this morning while trying to find a soy hot cocoa mix - KellyMom.  What a great resource this is!!!  It has information for all aspects of breastfeeding but the page about dairy intolerance has been extremely helpful.  I especially like the Hidden Dairy Cheat Sheet; this will be great to put in my purse!  I also have a pharmacist I work with who is Jewish and they keep a Kosher kitchen; he has given me some great tips on what to look for at the grocery store.  It's way more complicated than just drinking soy milk, that's for sure!  Did you know they make non-dairy chocolate??!!!

The good news is - it seems that if the dairy product is cooked it doesn't seem to bother my itty bitty.  Which is a good thing because I've become a Pinterest addict and I'm finding too many good recipes on there!!!  This is all new to me so I'm having to learn as I go; hopefully, I can get it right before poor baby grows out of this (which will hopefully occur around 6 months - fingers crossed!)

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