Wednesday, January 25, 2012

UGH - Jury Duty!!!!

I have been summoned!!!  What crappy timing!

This post is probably going to be more of a rant - you have been warned :)

First off, I almost did not get the notice.  BECAUSE - the jury commission, in all their intelligence, sent the notice to my mother's house - under my maiden name.  I have not been Kristen George at that address in almost 8 years!!!  It's no wonder dead people vote in each election - they haven't updated their records in 8 years??  Are you kidding me??

So, I called them, secretly hoping that some system glitch sent notices out to wrong addresses, but alas, no.  They just don't have my updated information (for the record, all of my bills, my drivers license, and my voter registration are under my LEGAL married name, at my current address, where I have lived for 5 years).  I am expected to report next Wednesday since I still live in Shelby County.  Rats.

THEN - I ask about accomodations for nursing moms.  Did you know that several states have legislation to excuse nursing moms from jury duty?  Too bad Tennessee doesn't have that.  Don't get me wrong - it's my civic duty to serve and I don't mind doing it - WHEN I'm not nursing.  I just really don't think a judge is going to give recess during a trial so that I can go pump.  So, after calling for TWO DAYS and getting a busy signal ALL DAY, I FINALLY reach someone yesterday at the jury commission to confirm I need to appear and ask about accomodations for nursing mothers.  This was how our conversation went:

Me:  Ok, if I need to report next Wednesday, are there accomodations there for nursing mothers?  (me needing to know if there will be a place I can pump there)

Her:  Ma'am, you won't be serving that day, just signing up to serve at a later date.  You can ask the judge to serve after your child turns 1.  You will have to wait until everyone else there has signed up for a date and then appear before the judge to ask.

AKA - you will be there ALL DAMN DAY.

Me:  (shaking my head) So, again, are there accomodations there for nursing mothers?

Because if I'm gonna be there all bloody afternoon waiting on EVERYONE else to pick a date, I'm gonna need to pump eventually.  Guess I will find out how nice the bathrooms are down there.


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