Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Resolutions for 2011 - How did I do??

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

I was reading my post on my resolutions for 2011 this morning and thought it might be nice to post an update on how I've done with them over the past year.

1. Get "healthy" again

I didn't exactly do as well as I would have liked on this resolution, but for good reason. I did stay true to my commitment to exercise until I was put on pelvic rest early during my pregnancy with Morgan. I did eat healthy (for the most part) during the pregnancy and attribute to that the fact that I maintained a reasonable weight gain despite not being able to exercise. I am now, however, a big flabby mess. I posted here about my weight loss goal, and you can throw toning up in with that. I am really excited to have been invited to contribute on a blog about weight loss and exercise; the more people I have holding me accountable, the better! Come check us out over at Will Jog For Cupcakes.

2. Don't put off for tomorrow what I can get done today.

This resolution went pretty well, although I realized early on that I can't do everything by myself.  Especially not with two kids now instead of just 1!  Sometimes it's hard to keep Owen motivated to help me out; he works hard all day and just wants to sit down and relax a bit when he gets home, and I can understand that.  But when he sits down, he's asleep shortly thereafter; and I'm the same way, so I just don't sit until my work is done.  I'm trying to get Owen in on that with me, and so far this year he's doing pretty good.  Now that I'm back at work it's extra important, I don't have spare time during the day to finish the chores so I have to have his help getting it done in the evenings.

3.  Get back to church.

We did really well with this one, until about August when I started struggling more with pregnancy symptoms and rest became a priority.  I really feel badly about that but I can't change it.  Now that Morgan has had her shots (I'll post an update on her 2 month checkup tomorrow!) we can take her to the nursery at church so we will be starting back and *hopefully* have her baptized soon!  The church was really great to us after she was born so I am looking forward to being back with them weekly.

4.  Bring a healthy baby into the family

SCORE!!!  She is happy, healthy, and growing more and more each day.  I think she makes our family more complete :)

I have decided not to make any new resolutions for 2012; I am going to carry these over into the new year and work even harder at being a better person by accomplishing these goals.

I wish all of you a happy, safe, successful 2012!!!

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