Friday, December 9, 2011

My Weight Loss Goal

I return to my OB on Monday for my 6 week post partum check-up. It's hard to believe that Morgan is almost 6 weeks old!!! I have a feeling that it will not be that great of a visit - my incision has closed but I have several symptoms of anemia still present, the orthostatic hypotension being the most prominent and worrisome. I am hoping that despite this, my doctor will still clear me to begin exercising because I have a goal to reach and a deadline by which to do it!!

I'm not sure if I have let you guys in on my secret, but - we're going back to Disney World next year!! I have already booked our trip. We are going the week of Labor Day, and I am so excited. Samantha will be almost 5 and Morgan will be almost 1; what a perfect time to take my princesses!

My weight has never really been a secret on this blog. When we went to Disney World last year I weighed 151lb, the smallest I have been that I have memory of. Unfortunately after the two miscarriages I put on 36lb; when I got pregnant with Morgan I weighed in at 187lb. Thankfully I only gained 31lb during my pregnancy and have already lost 20lb of that, and this is before being cleared to exercise! So I am well on my way to reaching my goal - to be the same weight that I was on our last trip when we go back. See, look how good I looked:

I'm in the purple shirt...not the gold gown ;)

I feel like I lost control of my body in the past year, and I am ready to take it back!! But I need you guys to help hold me accountable, so I will chronicle my journey here in my blog. I have less than 9 months to lose 47lb - do you think I can do it???

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  1. You can TOTALLY do it! Baby steps, my friend. Good luck!