Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas at the Smith House

Finally, our Christmas decorations are up!! I bet Samantha was starting to think they would never get done, bless her heart!!

For the first year we have yard decor, also. Samantha REALLY wanted lights on the house but Owen REALLY didn't want to risk his life on the ladder, so we compromised with some borrowed yard ornaments from his parents. And no, none of it is inflatable ;)

We have our stockings on the mantle. Morgan even has her own stocking too!! I would like to order matching ones for the whole family next year; I saw some cute ones from Pottery Barn. The greenery on the mantle has lights but for some reason they are not working and we don't have the time or energy to find the light that's out. It still looks good :)

Our tree lights are also not functioning properly. I think this year will be the last year for him, since we can't seem to find the burned out bulb that's causing one section to be out. It doesn't look terrible though, so I think we can wait and replace it with after Christmas sales. Owen and Samantha put on most of the decorations - you can tell if you look closely, you'll see "clumps" of ornaments and then bare spots, but that's ok too - I told Sam she did a great job :). Last night I finished hanging the last few ornaments and then put on the final trimmings; what do you think??

Of course, the season would not be complete without our elf, Fred, who has been hiding in a new spot every day since the beginning of the month. He's a sneaky little guy!

We're ready; let the holiday festivities begin!!

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