Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Well, this is it!!!

This time tomorrow I will be in the hospital - with Morgan in my arms. It's kind of been an emotional day for me - thinking of our journey to this moment and how much we've prayed and been prayed for. On August 10, 2010 our world came crashing down on us as we suffered the first of two very heartbreaking miscarriages. That day I never would have thought we'd be where we are today, and yet, here we are :)

Samantha is recovering beautifully from her surgery. She has been doing great. I am still getting used to the little change in her voice, which the doctor tells us is normal after having your tonsils out, and especially because hers were so large. Our biggest problem is keeping her settled down!!! She went with us to the doctor this morning and was so excited to hear Morgan's heartbeat - she told everyone at the doctor's office that she was ready to be a big sister. I love this little girl so much!!!

My next post will contain pictures of our newest addition!!! I will post as soon as I am able. Thanks to all of you for your thoughts and prayers!!!

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