Monday, November 21, 2011

I Remember It Like It Was Yesterday...

This week marks the one year anniversary of losing our sweet baby girl, June, to Turner Syndrome.  Even though we were blessed with Morgan this year, I still remember the day we found out our baby was gone like it was yesterday.  This was the post I made a week later about the events of that day - and reading them again still brings tears to my eyes.

Other BLMs (Baby Loss Moms) will agree with me when I say that no one can fill the void in your heart when you've lost a child. Even to those of us that have been blessed enough to go on and have a successful pregnancy - the new child you've given life to will never replace the one(s) that are not with you but should be.

It's hard to believe how far we've come in the past year.  I know I've said that before but it really is hard to fathom what all we've been through to get to where we are today.  It definitely puts a new perspective on our Thanksgiving this year - look how much we have to be thankful for!!!

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