Sunday, November 13, 2011

How We're Doing These Days

Sorry it's been a bit since I've posted an update!! As you can imagine, our days are pretty busy :). Even as I type this I wonder when I will get to finish it and post it...oh well. No matter how tired I am, my little family is totally worth it!

I'll start with a Sam update. She is now 2 weeks out from having her tonsils and adenoids out and she has done beautifully. We go back for her post-op check this Wednesday but she is going back to school tomorrow. I am not sure if she could get more excited! She loves her school and all her friends and she is a very routine-oriented child; she has gotten frustrated being cooped up inside for two weeks and it has shown in her behavior. I know she will get better once some of her "normalcy" returns. We took her for her 4 year old check-up on Wednesday - she weighs 38lb and is 42" tall!! She is loving her little sister and being our big girl helper around the house.

Morgan is doing well also! She's a very happy baby, especially when she is fed :). She gets this drunk look on her face when she is full that I just love! We have had some nursing issues but thankfully our pediatrician has a lactation consultant on staff and we saw her Friday; things have gone MUCH better ever since!! She was discharged from the hospital weighing 6lb 1oz but was at 6lb even on Wednesday for her one week check-up. I was a little concerned with her weight loss but on Friday she was back up to 6lb 5oz, so we're headed back in the right direction. Little monkey is also measuring 20" long already!! She's grown 1/2" in just a week!! Someone please tell her she's not supposed to grow that fast :(

As for mom and dad - we're holding up :). We are tired but we love both girls too much to care how much sleep we are getting. I will typically wake up with Morgan and feed her, then Owen will wake up to change her diaper and put her back to bed so I can go back to sleep. It's working well for us that way. I'd say we're both getting about 5-6 hours each night, just broken into intervals :). I am pleased to report that I have already lost 13lb in the past 11 days and when I went to my doctor on Thursday he said my incision is healing beautifully. Owen is going back to work this Thursday once I can drive again so I will be on my own starting then - that will be the true test!!!

We have been blessed with visitors who bring gifts and food and I cannot thank each of you enough. Sometimes the days pass too quickly so I at least know my family is getting a good meal!! We are truly very lucky to have so many people near us to celebrate this special time for our growing family!

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