Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Happy 4 Week Birthday Sweet Girl!

Dear Morgan,

It is hard to believe you are 4 weeks old today!! You are still so itty bitty but you are growing like a little weed! Last week at the doctor you were almost 8lb, and I think you surely have passed that now because your newborn clothes are snug and I think you are finally ready for all these size 1 diapers I bought :)  You are just so petite; I guess there is truth to "good things come in small packages."

 Morgan Elizabeth

It's fun to watch how you are already developing your own little personality. You are definitely more laid back than your sister! You will sit and chill in your bouncy seat while I eat, do laundry, etc. But, like your sister, you like to be held when you get sleepy. I try to put you down while you are still awake so that you learn how to put yourself to sleep, but sometimes you don't like that and want mommy or daddy to help you. You are still so little that I usually give in to your request; I don't think it'll hurt anything in the long run :)

You are still eating about every 2 hours.  I'm hoping we can work on stretching that out a bit in the next month before mommy goes back to work.  Don't get me wrong - I love nursing you because it gives us special time together, but I'm sure mommy's boss wants her to actually get work done when I get back rather than spend my days in the mother's room pumping ;)  You are doing well on your acid reflux medicine.  I do think that cutting dairy from my diet has helped you, because when I mess up and accidentally have some, I can tell a difference (like yesterday when I enjoyed that Caramel Brule Latte from Starbucks and then paid for it last night when you spit up on me...)

I know you wonder sometimes why I call you my little present - and yes, it is partly due to having to unwrap you from your blanket to feed you at night since daddy swaddles you so good and tight.  But most of it is because of what all we went through to bring you into this world.  You are my sweet Rainbow baby, a true gift from God after the storms of two heartbreaking losses.  I know that your angel siblings are watching down on you from Heaven - I see you grin sometimes and even though I know it's just gas, I like to think they are giving you kisses and that also makes you smile.  It certainly brings a smile to my face to think about it :)

Happy 4 Week Birthday Sweet Girl - mommy, daddy, and Samantha love you so very much and we are so happy to finally have you here with us :)

 Samantha and Morgan

Our Family

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