Wednesday, November 23, 2011

3 Weeks Old!

Holy cow, I cannot believe that Morgan is 3 weeks old today; that is just unreal!!! I figure it's about time to give you another update on how things are going around here.

Samantha continues to do well. She had a pre-K assessment at her school and is doing very well; we just have to work with her on recognizing certain numbers and letters. I think she is missing being the only child, and since Morgan garners so much attention these days, Samantha has taken to acting out a bit to get some attention of her own. I feel like we are constantly getting on to her for not listening. I know some of that is also just her being a typical 4 year old but it seems a bit excessive. I try my best to make sure to spend some one-on-one time with her each day; it's hard to do and still feed Morgan on her schedule but I want Sam to know she's still very special to me.

We are also struggling getting her to sleep each night; this kid is a night owl apparently and some nights it's 10:00 before we get her to sleep. That just doesn't go well with us when we are up with Morgan at night!! We thought maybe she was taking too long of a nap at school but now I'm not so sure that's the cause. She seems to go down easier for Owen, so most nights I let him do her bath and bed routine while I take care of Morgan, but I do still do it some nights just to make sure I'm spending enough time with her.

Morgan is doing great! We had her at the pediatrician last week for her two week check-up and she weighed in at 7lb and was 20&1/4" long!! She is still eating just about every two hours, and will usually only go 2&1/2-3 hours at night, which makes for a tired mom and dad but I am hoping that she will start to space out her feedings a bit now that she's putting on more weight. We are having a slight issue with our sweet girl - she spits up and vomits quite a bit more than normal. We have tried several things in the past week but it doesn't seem to be getting any better :(  We went back to the pediatrician today and he's going to try her on Axid, an H2 blocker, to see if acid reflux is the culprit.  He also recommended that I stop eating dairy products in case the problem is actually a dairy allergy/sensitivity.  I still have to take 1200-1500mg of calcium daily so I bought some calcium chews today to help me get in my requirement.  We took our first dose of Axid tonight and low and behold - she spit up.  But it was only the first dose so we will keep trying it.  She weighed 7lb 14oz today so she's gaining weight and isn't dehydrated, which are all good signs.

As for me - I am faring well now that Owen has gone back to work. I have a hard time resting during the day, which makes me really tired, but I just grab a coffee or a soda and press on!  I have lost 19lb in the past three weeks - over half of my baby weight! So I am super excited about that. I removed the steri strips from my incision last week and was surprised to find one spot that had not closed properly. After speaking with my doctor, I put a Bandaid on it to try to pull it together and that seems to be working. Thankfully, it is not infected. I am enjoying time at home with my sweet baby - I miss my friends at work but leaving this cutie is going to be tough!

Tomorrow we are hosting the families for Thanksgiving - I am happy to be doing it in the comforts of our home rather than having to get both girls out and drag them from house to house.  I am giving thanks for my beautiful family this year, and for all the friends that have supported us throughout our long journey this past year!

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