Monday, October 3, 2011

It's Gonna Be A Hectic Month!!!

Well, it's October - we're in the home stretch!!! 

Those of you that know me know that I'm extremely Type "A" - borderline OCD.  I still have a few things left on the to do list before Morgan is born, and if we weren't already busy enough, I've added a few more things to our calendar for this month to make sure we are EXTRA busy.  So, if you don't hear from me for awhile, this is why!!!

First up - I have to work this Saturday.  It will be my last Saturday shift before my maternity leave.  I am off tomorrow as my weekend day.  I am planning to use the day to make and freeze several meals that we will use the first few weeks we are home from the hospital.  I have enlisted my sister to help me :)  I also have a doctor's appointment tomorrow afternoon - they are checking me for GBS tomorrow and I'm hoping he'll check me to see if I'm progressing any yet (but not really counting on it).

Also this Saturday my inlaws are having a yard sale.  We have already taken a large load of items to their house for the sale but I'm hoping I could find more to get rid of.  At this point - every little bit would help!  Samantha also has a soccer game Saturday - thankfully, Owen will be off work to take her, I just hate missing watching her play :(

Tuesday, October 11th Samantha has a dentist appointment.  They told me at her last appointment that she will very likely need to have a cavity or two filled after they saw her for this visit - I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will be nothing too serious that we can put off for a few weeks, because this month has very little time to spare!  I should also have another doctor's appointment that day so I pray I can schedule them back to back since the offices are right across the street from each other.

Saturday, October 15th Owen has to work so I will be on soccer game duty.  Samantha also has a performance at Arlington's Harvest Festival in the town square that afternoon for dance.  It sounds like a lot of fun though so I'm hoping we will have time to go around and see everything while we're down there.  The next day is her school's Birthday Celebration/Open House - the magician she loves will be there and they will be having the bounce house there also, so I told her we would do our best to go. 

The following Saturday, October 22nd, we will be having Samantha's birthday party.  We decided it would be best to do it before Morgan was born so that the baby didn't "overshadow" Samantha's birthday.  This year we are going to Priddy Farms Pumpkin Patch.  We usually go there every year but this will be the first time to do a birthday party there.  The kids get to ride on a hayride, pick a small pumpkin, make a scarecrow, ride on the train, and play on their massive playground - sounds like fun, right??  I just pray the weather holds out!!!

The following week is crunch week - Samantha is having her tonsils and adenoids out on Thursday, October 27th.  The day before we be my last day at work until 2012.  So in addition to getting everything ready at HOME, I have to get everything at work squared away for my long absence.  Samantha's surgery is being done at Baptist Hospital Memphis and due to the nature of it she will have to spend the night.  We have been prepping her by telling her how things will go - she understands that we will go to the hospital and that they will give her something to make her sleepy, and while she takes a nap they will go "snip snip" and take out her tonsils, and then when she wakes up she gets to have a popsicle and watch movies and spend the night like a hotel.  Amazing how simple it sounds to a 3 year old!!!  I, however, am a NERVOUS WRECK!!!  Owen is insisting that I go home that night and he will stay with her at the hospital - how am I supposed to sleep???!!!  This is my baby girl we're talking about!!!  She's otherwise healthy so I know everything will be fine and she will bounce back within a day or two, it just makes me so nervous. 

Then - the next week if all goes like we think it will - we will welcome our sweet Morgan into the world. 

So you can see how one might be overwhelmed with all of this!!!  Lord help me if Morgan decides to come early :)  Please keep us in your thoughts this month and I will update as much as I am able!!!

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